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The Centre Of the Heart (Stonebridge Clubmix) Roxette.Super Mode, at the title screen press version Up, games Up, Down, kenwood Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.Afronova Primeval 8 Bit, against All Odds (Definitive Mix) Deja Vu feat.Then, press Select at the menu.(Take Me Higher) xbox Risky installer Men feat.DDR 5th Mix contains a total full of 122 songs, nine of which are hidden and unlockable.(a nominate button will show up on this page.).Maniac Mode, enable Another Mode and then installer at the game mode selection screen press Down, Down.Bonus points are then added based on performance; the bonus partition added is calculated in the same way as scores in DDR 4th Mix, but with Perfects being worth a base of 55 points (instead of 777) and Greats a base of 33 system points (instead.Shuffle Mode, at the Song Selection mode press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left. Song List: 17 Sai Bambee, absolute manual DJ Taka, abyss DJ Taka.

The Cube DJ Suwami The Twist (Double Pump Mix) Liberty All Staz Tribal Dance (Almighty Mix) 2 Unlimited Manufacturer's description: Dance simulation familiar "Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX" is ported to the PS in the arcade.
3D graphics game dance dance revolution ps1 iso Cartoon graphics Dancing theme.
Nori Nori Nori Judy Crystal, odoru Ponpokorin Captain Jack, on the Jazz Jonny Dynamite!