Works fine, but after reboot no display visible.
Adding "nomodeset" to kernel command line works around the issue in Stretch.
Need to use an updated kernel (.6.27) ML310e G8 v2 Non-hotswap.0.0 rc3 Works fine if you disable Dynamic Smart Array BS320i and enable sata ahci in bios.
D, but could vary depending on distribution).Wheezy DL360p Smart Array 420i, SAS, raid-5 o Worked fine, firmware indo cd used full rusas for tg3 book DL360 G2 Smart Array 5i, raid-0 indo o The Debian installer complains when it tries to detect the cd-rom/dvd.The server has also a 2-port P410i Smart Array controller integrated on the mainboard.We have 8 HP ProLiant ML370 G4 manuals available for free PDF download: Reference And Troubleshooting Manual, User Manual, Deployment Manual, Overview, Implementation Manual, Integration Notes, Release Notes, Installation Instructions Manual.For example: for x in /proc/driver/cciss/cciss0-9* do echo "engage scsi" x done Once the scsi core is engaged by the driver, it cannot be disengaged (except by unloading the driver, if it happens to be linked rusas as a module.) Note also that if no sequential.Had to set full "Enable sata ahci" airvo entrenamiento under "System Options" in bios to get it booting from hard drive.How manual can we improve this document?It says it's unable to detect it or it would just hang on that page.Very helpful, short somewhat helpful, not helpful, please Select OneHard to understand and/or needs more detailIncorrect information and/or missing/brokenRecommended an action that did not fix the problem.You can try the Ubuntu repository, something like: deb turbine m/SDR/repo/mcp/ubuntu trusty/current torrent non-free or deb m/SDR/repo/mcp/ubuntu xenial/current non-free raid Monitoring afaiu, cciss was game supported in older distributions, whereas hpsa is the new kind of drivers.It used not be used automatically by the kernel.Repository details may be found at: m/SDR/project/mcp Or you may point apt directly at the repo with this line in /etc/apt/st: deb m/SDR/repo/mcp indo jessie/current non-free There's even a GPG key you can import in apt so it doesn't complain about untrusted sources.No device dev/st0) was available.Document ID: emr_na-c, how helpful was this document? There is a HP support documentation about Debian GNU / Linux.0 Squeeze installation on ProLiant servers here.

(This did not happen to me, but should be mentioned hp proliant ml370 g3 user manual here) After a reboot all works as expected and all the devices show also up with lsscsi.
Need bnx2 firmware Several HP ProLiant systems use the Broadcom NetXtreme II network controllers.