kenwood krc 394 manual

KRC-31Y/36/366L/37/37Y /391/394/394Y/466R /4904Y, service manual, mechanism extension cord : W (7P W (10P).
49 EN2-0 O Power supply IC control.
74 VDD0 - VDD.
Menu, aUTO, aME CLK KRC-4904 SRC OFF kenwood 45Wx4 AUD disc KRC-36/37/37Y /391/394 /394Y/466R Mounting hardware assy (J ) manual Plastic cabinet kenwood assy (A ) Screw set (N ) Lever manual (D ) x2 Antenna adaptor (T ) DC cord (E ) Depends on model.Q552 Main motor SW Works when the base terminal voltage kenwood becomes manual "H".51 EN3 O Power supply IC control.Pin Name I/O Function / Operating Condition 1 dssi control.59 SUB- O Sub motor control.70 X1 I Main system clock.Q301 Local seek SW Changes to the local seeking after the base terminal voltage becomes "H".34 P-MUTower amplifier muting.(1) SD 0 mod AM Preset "1" key, and "ADJ OK" is good.Supplies VDD to panel. "H" : Run, "L" : Stop 21 ACC-decc detection.
OFF 45Wx4, aUD, dISC, lOUD, sCRL, sCAN, rEP, lL,.RDM,.S/RDM.
Q40 Preout mute driver Mutes when the base terminal voltage level becomes "L".