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Your Harmony Hub should pair with your Windows PC and youll get a success message on both your PC and your tablet. .When you start the filter Watch TV activity, it will turn your PC on using the infrared receiver, but all your buttons will be programmed through the Bluetooth siemens receiver, thus negating any lag or other IR issues.These codes are generated in collaboration between Beyond Platinum and Logitech.See below, harmony 650 Universal Remote Control Programming.The, activities button puts control for all your devices in one convenient location.With the Logitech remote control app that is connected to games the internet: (Below is an example of how the setup procedure works).Head to the Devices tab healthometer and click the Add Device button.Plug your receiver into your media center and make sure its within view of your sitting position, so you can point your remote in its general direction.If youre using a generic USB receiver, you may have to enter something different.Flirc, though any generic USB receiver will probably geeta work. .Youll have to experiment to see what works best healthometer for you.For more complex button combinations, you may want to use software like AutoHotkey to map button combinations patch to a single key. .Under manufacturer select beyond platinum.The fact that this is even necessarily is pretty pathetic on Logitechs partits embarrassing that Bluetooth is so limitedbut for now, these workarounds do the trick, which is what really matters in the end.Youll need a USB infrared receiver, which is cheap, and if you have a non-Harmony Hub remote, youll need to point the remote at your media center to control.For example, I mapped the F1 key to M, then assigned F1 to the Menu button on my remote in MyHarmony. When you select an Activity, your Harmony One sends a series of commands to your entertainment logitech system to turn on the necessary devices and confgure them For the selected Activity.
Click the Add button, choose the key you want to map from in the left repair sidebar, and the key you want to map to in the right sidebar.