The psychological effect of the Fire Team system is quite noticeable.
First bittorrent automatic things first, convert the single-player mode is abysmal.
It suffers from a litany of visual and audio glitches, with cutscenes particularly afflicted by stuttering framerate, poorly compressed visuals, and horrible audio pops.
Replies: 0, views: 3, replies: 3, views: 1, replies: 7, views: 2, replies:.It is, however, a perfectly fitting name for one of the many annual "me too" military first-person shooters that hit manual the market crack toward the end of the year.The one thing it truly does differently is the "Fire Team" system, an admittedly inventive little idea that blends co-op gameplay with traditional competitive battles.10 oraz.Even the publisher realizes how homogeneous these titles have become, that a screenshot alone is not enough to tell which one we're actually talking about.Medal of Honor: Warfighter (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 reviewed developer: Danger Close, publisher: Electronic Arts, release: October 23, 2012.There is an attempt at a story, featuring characters that make no impression and a villain that appears manual for no other reason than games to be an obligatory foreign bad guy.The only thing this latest Medal of Honor has going for it is a noisier presentation and an avalanche of content, none of which matters when the core gameplay is so mind-numbingly dull at this point in time.The information visual appears briefly, once, automatic and then never again, even if you miss it or have to restart the section.The actual gameplay itself is similarly busy, shoving text and explosions at the player with such wanton abandon, it's initially alienating password in its chaos.Every single professional level plays out the same way, albeit with different (yet wholly familiar) setpieces.Worst of all, the game regularly attempts to grab for the heartstrings by introducing a wife and a daughter to one of the interchangeable protagonists - attempts that fail partly because the writing is so corny, and mostly because the character models are horrendously creepy.Warfighter gets stale within the first few minutes and never freshens up, as players pick their fragile way from chest-high wall to chest-high wall, popping off the clairvoyant - yet nonetheless stupid - enemies who are one scream of "Durka Durka" away from becoming.The multiplayer, of course, is clearly where Danger Close put all its effort, and while it does little to stand out from the ever-swelling pack, it's certainly not bad, and at least provides a more compelling competitive arena than the last Medal of Honor did.It exists simply to be just another brown FPS, and in that endeavor it undoubtedly succeeds.From the very games moment you jump in (after installing the massive patch, setting up Origin, and inputting an online pass you're introduced to a screen littered with options and pop-up info boxes.Tryb wieloosobowy w Medal of Honor Warfighter stawia przede wszystkim na reprezentowanie swojej ojczyzny, a do walki zachęca hasło ".You kick a door, and kill folks in slow manual motion. It was already getting old before this game even released.
The Fire Team dynamic is a neat twist, theft but ultimately it's not enough to save the overall experience from pointlessness.

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It's really not an awful game, it's just insipid and shallow, a title that exists solely to exist, and squeeze whatever profit remains to be had from serving the same flavorless porridge to the same unadventurous customers.