Browse to the game source MP3 file(s) or music folders that you want to copy.
The folder can be labeled anything you'd like, but naming it "Music" will make it much crack easier to find.There are other ways to stream music (see below sections but this is from the crack only way to actually copy the auto files.Click the Music tab on the top cheats of the main from window.Search for Optional Media Update.Using the analog stick, music can be paused, skipped and scrubbed using crack the controls in the lower left device of the screen.Ensure that it is the correct source and that there is nothing music on it that you need to save.The songs will begin to be copied to your Xbox 360's hard drive.After list locating your files, Simple Background Music Player will automatically start playing your music.Press Left on the D-Pad and select Rip CD with the A button.Format USB source (optional if your USB key is empty then there can be no harm but good from formatting.Open the Music Player program and find crack a song.Select extras, and then select Optional Media Update.There are many different ways of playing music on the Xbox 360.Make sure, file System is set to, fAT32, Allocation unit size is, list default allocation size and that.but it cannot copy the files crack from that drive or device.To beta convert protected iTunes songs, open iTunes and select the songs you want to convert.How to transfer iPhone music to computer or a portable device.Select "Current Disc" from the menu and then press Down on your controller's D-Pad to highlight the "Rip CD" option. 2, open the Music Player.

Scroll to the Music tab, select "My Music Apps and then select Music Player.
Then select the playlist you want to add.
To verify that the content is compatible with your Xbox 360 console, follow these steps: Verify that the audio or music from portable device to xbox 360 video file is not Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected.