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Well walk firmware you through the update process step by step.
If its different, type over your own code in the Region text field.PM me here if you want me to update this thread with instructions on how that works bleach should the need arise.Once you're done, move said folder to the root of your PS2 memory card as usual.We will extract your key from one of your own save games manual and use it to resign the save game you downloaded.If I recall correctly, the functionality to copy PS2 saves to the PS3 is disabled if the PS3 is not cowon a backwards compatible model, but don't" me on that.Optical tech works by writing created data on the HDD via consoles,.Dont worry, once you get the hang of it, it takes but a minute.Simply paste it between two other games and close manual the file.Downloading another save game thats at 100 wont give firmware you the same level of satisfaction (its not your save but its the easiest way to access that end-game content.Pick a USB manual drive and follow our guide on backing up PS3 save games How to Back Up and Import PS3 Game Saves How to Back Up and Import PS3 Game Saves Need to back up or import saved game data to your PS3?Use the PlayStation 4 for example.You could start over.You could, but most people wouldnt.Download and install Aldos PS3 Tools.Instructions on setting that up here: uLaunchELF Wiki (Documentation Project) / ps2ftp.Well manual you have clearly done your homework since you have all the required hardware manual to do this, what you need is some save game handling software.Playstation 1 Saves: Almost every PS1 save game floating around on the net comes in GME format, which is a container file for old classic. Right-click on the title drivers and select Bruteforce The application will work its magic for a minute or two, hyperman after which it produces the games secure_file_id (the piece of information we were missing).