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P/N /915 Steamer Nozzle Brush Set*.99, buy Now.We Accept PayPal, euroclean, vac, featured Products, vacuum Parts.S600, S700, S700A, S776, S800, click winiso for winiso schematic, regina Models S900, S950, DRS980 click for schematic, steemer User's Guide / Operating Instructions click for instructions.Cover the manual motor with a cloth to protect directly it from water.Royal Part List, regina Shampoo Cartridge, Upholstery Cartridge, supply, steamer, supplies, vacuums, tools for.housekeeper models.Vacuum cleaner belt, with filter, brush, motor, fan, attachments, cleaning supplies for the saves steemer Carpet, Shampooer, upright vacuum cleaner, winiso parts, bags, belts, supplies, Carpet Shampoo.Dump keygen and rinse the saves two-tier tank and wipe the inlet screen to remove dirt and debris as ford well before storing the Regina Steemer.Dont put directly any soaps or cleaners into the supply tank.Tilt the Regina Steemer back toward you while the power is on for 15 to 20 seconds to clean.Healthy game pots mean healthy plants, thanks to the Wagner Steamer.Regina Steemer Models, s166, S176, S278, S300, ES166, ES278, ES300 click for schematic, regina Steamer Models.Regina Steemer Trouble Shooting Guide click for trouble shooting.Learn More, simple Way to Steam Clean Clay Pots.For Questions winiso please email.Learn More, parts and Accessories.The nozzle is durable and chemical resistant and the cleaner itself picks up tough stains like grape and tomato juice.Learn More, how to Refresh Your Porch, your porch can really take a beating.Clean and reshape wicker and rattan with a Wagner Steamer. Warning, do not use the Regina Steemer to clean up corrosive, combustible, audio or flammable liquids or to clean areas where water exceeds 1/8 inch depth.
Projects, nicholas clean and Reshape Wicker with Ease.