Therefore, he has a shop massive chip on his shoulder over his occupation/gender combination.
Villainous Glutton : trek The Mirror Universe version of General Khegh (as seen in reader the reader short story Empathy ).
Single-Biome Planet : Justified with Droplet, an ocean world based upon genuine (and cutting-edge) scientific theories.
Carnivore Confusion : Averted.From his perspective, it's a fair question, as they're far more humanlike than a cybernetically-enhanced featherless ostrich with a prehensile tail.Commander Zhrar, assigned to repatriate Titan's Andorian officers to their homeworld to aid driver in its ongoing reproductive crisis, secretly duplicates them when they manual prove reluctant.Troi must face a life-changing event without her husband, while the books crew must brave the crushing pressures of the deep to undo the global chaos they have triggered.Ascended Extra : The Chandir species.When one native species proves manual to be sentient, Lavena finds herself immersed in a delicate contact situation, and Riker is called away from Deanna Troi at a critical moment in their marriage.As is Tiburonian custom, the crew ingest her cremated remains.Continuity Porn : The first few novels alone have Call Backs to previous films, series and books, including locations and characters from Star Trek: The Lost cadet Era.Turtle Island : The trope is referenced in Over a Torrent Sea, when the characters observe floating "islands" in the ocean of planet Droplet.His friendly bedside manner usually helps, if card his predator's sense of humour doesn't unnerve them first.Lady Land : K'chak'!'ops's homeworld of Pak'shree, where the inhabitants are born neuter, become male at puberty upgrade shop and then become female at maturity.And many of the fundamental mysteries of the universe can be resolved by postulating it as a construct of some manual entity or civilization existing on a transcendent plane. May also count as a case of Getting ebook Crap Past the Radar, though books do not suffer the same kind of censorship as television.