If you most timed right, Mario used should flip onto a kx-td platform above him.
If you angle it right you should be able to punch to the booster bullie off, but he wont be able to reach you.You can walk around and panasonic jump stuff, nothing will happen.It's a short visit, but he'll give you 99 lives and a triple-jump booster move before yourself he leaves!Once you get to the booster lower ring, you can climb up the wall reflex that is on cheats the left back side (northwest from above.) If you get to the exact top of the steeple, you can triple-jump without running and fly incredibly high.Now keep holding the A button and press the B button repeatedly.Butterfly Punching edit, most sometimes in the game you will see a bunch of butterflies fly out of a tree or grass.For the more ambitious, enter when the minute mario hand is on 6 for booster a greater challenge, or 9 for the ride of your life!Bowser Shortcuts edit, on the third Bowser, I find a small part of the level very annoying, so I found a way to skip.Hat Trick edit Go to the desert level in the basement, then choose any level other than #1.You will have beaten Koopa by at least 25 seconds.This technique works elsewhere too.6:00 - The mechanical parts of the level will move erratically.To do so, use the analog stick manual on Controller Two.Top of the World edit After obtaining 120 stars and talking to Yoshi, Mario can climb up to the very tip of the steeple on the castle.6, reset Timer on Timed Missions,.Credits: m Super Mario 64 on Nintendo 64 File B 1 Unlock all Key Doors and have Mote empty 80202F79 80202F7A 0010 00FF.Near there should be a guy that sorta looks like a flower (He has flower petals on his head) and jump on him.1 3 Have the Hall, Key Door open D F0B 0014 00CF. You should see a pole.