Asus DVD-E616P3 Currently RPC1 winzip firmwares miter based.06,.07, and.07 OEM.
TDB Flasher w/Kernel pioneer update DVR-K05 Currently RPC1 firmware miter based.03.
Optorite DD0401 (aka sanyo CRD-bpdv3) Currently E ridgid Series RPC1 firmwares based on 130E, 150E, and 160E.Pioneer DVD-120R (sony DVD-120VZ) Currently RPC1 firmware based.20 pioneer DVD-120RD Currently RPC1 firmware based.23 Patched version of with spdwin to support DVD-120, DVD-120S, DVD-120R and DVD-120RD pioneer DVD-121 Currently RPC1 firmwares based.02,.04, and.07.We use our skills to make technology work correctly.Windows Version 102B transmission TDB Windows Flasher.Books did not destroy the world, they transformed it, because information is cracked power.If you break your drive, we will not fix it for you.Rip Lock Only Firmware Binary and Windows Flasher.06, manual and.07.Tsstcorp CD/dvdw TS-H552B Toshiba-Samsung Currently RPC1 firmware based on TS04 withdrawn pending review.NEC ND-3540A Currently supplied as binaries suitable for flashing in genie DOS.Benq DVP-1650S Currently RPC1 firmwares based.FV,.HV,.JV, and.KV.LG HL-DT-ST GSA-E10N Auto Reset and RPC1 Firmware - JE06 cracked Windows (RPC1 and Auto-Reset).Pioneer DVR-K15 Currently RPC1 firmwares based.11, and.11.For the I Series generic DVD RW 8XMax accesstek DD0405 (generic DVD RW 8XMax) (aka optorite DD0405) Currently RPC1 I Series firmwares based on 150I, and 160I.We have confidence in our own work, but crack if backup something is beta, it has the potential to partially or totally custom malfunction.Pioneer DVD-120S Currently RPC1 firmwares based.01, and.25.2.F9 TDB Windows Flasher, and.FA TDB Windows Flasher.Pioneer DVD-122P (OEM asus DVD-E616P2) Currently RPC1 firmware based.02.If you have different firmware ASK first! 102B Binaries and Flasher.
Pioneer DVR-112 Currently RPC1 firmwares based.06 *,.08 *,.09 *, and.15.

Firmwares in beta, the newest of the new.
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