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Transmit Output Power Level, scan Mode (Skip Scan or Preferential Scan).Briefly press the manual front panel grinder key, then rotate the dial knob to select alpha.Rotate the dial knob to tone SQL.On the top panel press the up or down dota arrow key, to select TX power.Vertex standard HK LTD.Press the front panel key briefly.Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content wireless of this project Related manuals Do you need a help?Rotate the dial knob to OFF.Rotate the dial knob to select the desired memory channel.Rotate the dial knob to the desired offset.Rotate the dial knob to the desired memory channel.The current squelch level will be windows displayed.Rotate the dial knob to F25 RPT mode.SF4 rset SYS: Resets the Menu Item settings to factory defaults. Rotate the dial knob to select the first character you want.
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Rotate the yaesu ftm-10r service manual dial knob to select the desired ctcss Tone Frequency.
Press the front panel up or down keys, until the GRP notation appears in the upper left of the display.