yamaha xt660x service manual

There- fore, anyone who uses this book to perform maintenance and rules repairs on Yamaha vehicles should have a basic understanding of deluxe mechanics and the manual techniques to repair these types of vehicles.
1 - 10 GEN infospecial tools Valve guide remover (ø 6) This tool is needed to remove and install the fighters valve guides.Magneto rotor estimates rules Nut M16 1.0 58.C.2 - 11 specchassis specifications chassis specifications Item Standard Limit Frame vita Frame type Diamond - Caster angle.25 (XT660R) 26 (XT660X) Trail 107 mm (4.21 in) (XT660R) 94 mm (3.70 in) (XT660X) Front wheel Wheel type Spoke wheel - Rim Size.85 (XT660R) 17M/C.Drain: engine oil (completely from the crankcase and the oil tank) 103.2 - 31 speclubrication diagrams EAS00034 lubrication diagrams 1 Oil delivery hose 2 2 Oil strainer 3 Oil delivery hose.API yamaha standard SE, SF, SG or higher andreas grade.Electronic fuel andreas injection (See page 3-17) Adjust engine idling speed.The pressure regulator maintains the fuel pressure that is applied to the injector at font 324 kPa (3.24 kg/cm2,.1 psi) higher than the intake manifold pressure.Radiator Refer to radiator in chapter.Staženo:343x 2008 service manual xt660z english MB (pdf).2 - 35 speccable routing EAS00035 cable routing 1 Left handlebar switch lead 2 Clutch epub switch lead 3 Clutch cable 4 Front brake light switch lead 5 Right handlebar switch lead 6 Throttle cable 7 Headlight service lead 8 Meter assembly lead 9 Main switch lead.2 - 18 specelectrical specifications Headlight relay Model/manufacturer ACM33211 M04/matsushita - Radiator fan Model/manufacturer 5VW/KTM - Fan motor relay Model/manufacturer ACM33211 M04/matsushita - Intake air pressure sensor Thermostat type/manufacturer 5PS1/denso - Output voltage.4.8 V - Intake air temperature sensor Model/manufacturer 5VU1/denso - Resistance.Ê Place the slack of the left and right front turn sig- nal light leads between the headlight assembly and front cowling assembly.Radiator cap tester adapter This tool is used to check the cooling sys- tem.Align the projection a on the fuel pump with the slot in the fuel pump bracket. When the valve clearance is to be measured deluxe or adjusted, the piston must be at top dead center (TDC) on the compression stroke.
When the piston is at the top dead center (TDC) on the compression stroke, align the I mark a on the.C.
1 - 2 GEN infofeatures EAS00019 features EAS00896 outline The main function of a fuel supply system is to provide fuel to the combustion chamber at the opti- mum book air-fuel ratio in accordance with the engine operating conditions and the atmospheric tempera- ture.

13 Nm (1.3 yamaha xt660x service manual m kg,.4 ft lb).
Install: air filter case joint clamp 1 note: To install the air filter case joint clamp, align its slot a with the projection b on the air filter case.
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